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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


blog shifted to


yeah blogspot giving me a lil prob. u know my style right. ahhas long long post kind. but once i post a long post up, that will be the only post on my page. thus, older posts cant be viewed ): booo. i want all post on the page for easier reading . yeah. actually , its only this reason that i decided to change to wordpress. oh another reason is cos my tagboard. omgs. cuis. kena spammed by lots of adv -.- but anw, hoping for a better blogging exp in wordpress. (: and also a new start !! :D

so rmb, to update ur blog setting and change my blog html kies. thanks (:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday - 031010

was asked out to study after work . hahas with the study group organised by melvin. awesome. i did study my corporate finance. surprised right? trying my best to improve my finance subject esp after a close call from PBF last year. omgs. yeah.

then went dinner and stuff. hahash.. lame jokes start again.

haha ask u all, there are 8 sticks in total. shift 2 sticks to make into one diamond. ahhahas

shall only reveal the answer tomorrow. so do try it out. lols.

and had some coin game. lols.
yeah anw, studying was pretty okie. if only i had no work, i could have studied more. hai nvm. today is first day of studying. shall study more soon (:

Saturday - 021010

work as usual. and today is tcp off day. so for 2 consecutive weeks, no tcp . kind of miss them though. so in e end, went out with my parents to town.

main purpose is to get a new camera. lols. the current sony one really giving me problems. ahhas use until very emo. lols. and the old panasonic one cant be replaced.

so was deciding between canon and panasonic. honestly, im more comfortable with panasonic functions and everything and after much decision, i chose panasonice over canon also cos , it can last for longer shots. 300 over shots as compared to canon's 200 + shots. i think this one really v impt. lols in case camwhore halfway then no power. lols. sure irritated. hahaha

kind of bulky but the quality is good! lols. similar to that of my old camera though. haha! <3
haha so went to Sho Teppan for dinner with my parents! (:
and shopping too! lols. my mum and I really a bit kua zhang. just shopping in Ion alone, we bought 5 shoes in total. omgs. faints. yeah. cos we were looking for flats. and this is what we got. omgs. faints. hahahs. these 5 new pairs of shoes to be added to the collection. hahas. yeah. our feet size the same, so can share. heh. best!

Friday, October 1, 2010

a super long post. lols. compiled all the drafts tgt ! (:

FRIDAY - 011010


hahas today was just super awesome! :D last day of art fest. omg. finally! been wanting to have time for myself and breathe a lil.

anw, this is charles wong. he's super awesome in beatboxing . his performance was just brilliant!

yeah im gg for beatboxing lesson! yeah, art fest com has to go (: and its subsidised by the school even more awesome! lols. im gg to tsk tsk tsk next two weeks (: ahahas
yeah and final day of lyrics hero. wow. so fast. kind of misses the preparation and everything. but finally its over (:
group photo. all the performers, supporters and everyone (:
lols so after that went megabites to eat cos we had the free $5 megabites voucher. lols we srsly had a fun time in there. all the laughters and everything omgs! (: ahhas they were too stunned by the lame jokes. lols
and ivian! she's just too cute yo. lols. we were asking her whcih childcare she's from and how come she'es appearing in sim. omgs. ahahs. she really too cute la. omg.
after that i left for work while the rest went to decorder cafe at clementi to play bored games. lols. anw, really had fun today! (:

THURSDAY - 300910

lols after art fest, its back to YAMI yoghurt challenge. lols. esprimere is really omgs. we went to challenge the jumbo challenge and even broke the record. lols!! e power of freshies and seniors! (:
hahas then had esprimere lesson. today did head voice. pretty awesome. and while waiting for alex, they were doodling some korean words. lols. teaching korean words in progress. .
and supper after that with esprimere ppl at clementi. omgs! yf order too much le ! hahas. almost fainted. i substituted myself out and got billy to replace me . ahhas no stamina to eat these . billy the saviour. ahahhs.
and thanks to yanfeng's friend for sending us to paya lebar so that we can cab home. ahhas cos by the time supper was over, its already 12 plus am. hahas faints. so imagine if we cab from clementi back to east, the taxi fare confirm super fierce. lols. thanks once again! (: btw, his name also alvin. omgs. and he wants to join esprimere. imagine after he's recruited in, means esprimere got 5 ALVINS. omgs. ong, kok, fu, chua, ng. faints. if i call alvin, ahhas 5 sure turn their heads. lols!! (:

Wednesday - 290910


yeah they' joining the lyrics hero. lols
guess whats their name. they are ALVINS!
lols. srsly. omgs. this year esprimere's batch of freshies has 4 alvins.
chua.kok.fu.ong. ahhahas. i was super bored for a moment, and purposely called out alvin out loud, with no intention of calling any particular one. ahahahs and all the alvins turn their head around. ahahhahha! omgsss!!
and plus one melvin. ahahs all the vins.!
ahha made jiale name himself as kelvin
plus ivian as ivin. omgss!

the lyrics hero contestants, supporters (:
really had an awesome time with them luh. forever. aahs.
and once again, tried the FREE YAMI YOGHURT CHALLENGE! LOLS. srsly ahahhas. theres 5 challenge.

1. Blow and burst 6 balloons within 1 minute.
2. Skipping
3. Longest breath.
4. Hula Hoops
5. gulping one jumbo size of yami yoghurt within a some time period

hahas. so, 5 of them took the jumbo challenge. the way they gulped down the yoghurt in that time period. omgs. totally can tell they brain freeze. ahahahah! funny ehs. and haha awesomely, they completed the challenge. like no kick . ahas and got additional 5 cups of yami yoghurt for free. lols.

for me, i did the burst balloon challenge. ahah i didnt know that tearing the balloons to burst it an be so irritating. ahash totally lost my image for that one free cup of yami yoghurt. lols. but, totally funn!! (:

Tuesday - 280910
had lecture from 12-6.30pm. faints
anw, luckily at night theres esprimere lesson to relieve the hectic schedule.
we were basically trying to help each other to do projection, pitching, tone, resonance, harmonizing . yeah and the below picture shows how they train breathing techniques. lols.

andy trying to help him 接生 while he was training his diaphragm.
hahas so ended at about 9 plus. and khai was gg abit high. lols!!!! the super act cute face 1.
act cute face 2 ! lols!! omgs. hilarious.
ahahah my supporters! (:
Monday - 270910

Art fest day one. the day that i've been waiting for. for so long. after months of preparation and stuff, its finally here. the committee schedule for the week.
busy doing final touch up. haha and juliano acting reaady for camera, always. lols
my lanyard! (: nice nice!

starting item. modern dance. awesome
iron will. the ever escape artist stuntman in singapore. stepping on glass , eating fire. omgs. up close
and the lyrics hero! ahas once again, after months of preparation. awesomeee!!
anw after a whole day of programmes, the whole committee went to challenge the free yami yoghurt. lols
skipping by ryan.
skipping by nash!
skipping by steven!
and i did the longest breath. my first ever challenge. hahas and we all won the FREE YAMI YOGHURT! .LOLS!
just taste so awesome , esp when its free. lols

plus free megabites lunch voucher cos all the committee members will have one for helping out . everyday one, i think really can save money. lols
faints i look cuis. ok but that aside. aahs thats my quote for being in the art fest com. yeah its required of the com members to give a quote to them to put it up on the posters. haha awesome.

anyway, went to celebrate Raine's birthday thereafter. ahahas. OMGS!
Crystal Jade. yeah had to book the place in advance. as early as possible or u'll get the cui seat.
organized by lxc! woots. he put in lots of hard work for this yo. ok i admit, i only contribute by booking the place. ahahs, but at least i did sth! (: and of cos tgt with the rest, chipped in everything too ! (:
OMGS. when the truth sets in, its pretty irritating. whats with the big difference in height!!
and so happen we saw dawnn! (: awww!!
and my favourite chilli with farlic, with spring onion! woots.
HAHAH XLB XLB XLB! spammmm!!!
look at his plate. omgssss!!!!!
ahha the xlb we had turned cold. and we put one of them into the soup. and i forgot about it! omgs. ahas i was talking and suddenly yh say : 'eh, you xlb become da long bao alr !' lols! omgsss. funnyy !! ahhas. i totally neglected it. and srsly, look at the difference. ahhahas xlb and dlb.
Happy birthday girl! (: haha and the hat is brought by tecksheng. lols. still got music one ehs. haha
hello kitty cake! may all ur wishes comes true yo! and hopefully u enjoyed urself!
mini grp photo while waiting for ts and yh to come out of the toilet. lols . nice!!

ahha her awesome present! (:
and we saw this lil cute dog. omgs. so cuteeee. looks like a lil mop on the street. omgs. too cute yo!
okie. a complete group photo (: thks xc for organising, and happy birthday raine! (:
Sunday - 260910

work as usual from 9-3pm. and ktv session with esprimere ppl! (: organised by melvin! wooots (: @ teoheng! 25 ppl went! LOLS! awesome

ahhas jay automatically chose this song to sing. ahhas, he knows i'll go uber high when i hear this. hahahha。 阿飞的小蝴蝶 ! (:
ok. this is jay. anw, the point i want to say is i love weijin's camera. her camera is so awesome to have this dreamy effect , wootttss!
looks! so nice. ahahs. and yes left is weijin and right is dawn! awesome juniors (:
best la ! good camera is in fact awesome. ahhaha. billy got this DSLR camera. oh man. anw, my panasonic camera is dead. hai super sian. one of the best camera i've come across so far. but too bad, they no longer manufacture the spare parts alr. but well, at least we bought warranty previously and i was rebated about 400 bucks. but omgs! i still want my old camera ): the sony im using now is uber cuis. hai. but anyway, back to DSLR that billy bought , its def awesome! but, too ex for camwhoring. ahhas , shall try canon one next.
ahhah spamming of lzx songs. lols. 3 juniors who like lzx (: ahahs and more too! hehs.
ahhash this room just totally spammed lzx songs.
freshies are sitll the best. lols. i never had a chance to spam lzx song before with my batch of esprimere ppl. ahahs confirm get whacked by the seniors. lols
yays freshies for the win! lols
even zongxi too! lols
ahha after an awesome day at ktv, singing lots of duets, i realise i sang v lil solo songs. omgs, shall make it up next time.! (:

then dinner @ astons. (: nice pic! lols
got yh to take a picture for dawn and me. and irritatingly, i knew he was up to no good. purposely cute me off. OUGHT TO BE SHOT . lols
and this is alvin's sunglass. ahhas i know u must be thinking which of the four. lols . its alvin fu's ahhas. nice ehs! and its a really cheap sunglass. good lobang yo!
Saturday - 250910


went to work and then proceeded to school. yeah having no tcp on a saturday feels weird though. but well, gg to school for performance yeah!

ahha while waiting for andy, and upon seeing mirror with a camera in hand, hmmmm. lols
ahha so we both took the shuttle bus at dover to school. ahahs since its a free bus ride, why not. lols. and they gave us application form to fill in. lols. i really dont know how to fill in cos i dont need to look for any course and stuff. lol. andy is worse. he has just graduated from sim, and how to expect him to tick 'degree cert' as highest qualification attained. lols
performances schedule! lols Esprimere Singing Club Medley!
ahhaha awesome!
the 5 performers chosen by marlene! (:
yeah i sang 真实。been practicing it for quite a while. received a few comments. good and bad. for all the bad comemnts, 'll learn from it and continue to practice till it slowly eliminates. and those good comments i received, i really need to thank a few ppl. andy esp. if not for his consistent perseverance in helping me choose this song, and also guiding me on how i should approach the song, i wouldnt have pulled it through. of cos theres also a few more to thank. in fact , a lot. xc, yh, sean, bon, . . . for those who kept nagging at me about my 咬字 projection airiness feelings and also their encouragement. (: too much to say alr. but i've to thank some of them for letting me 'find; my voice and improve on it. (:

haha after all the performances, stayed for iron will stunt show.
ahha look at the photographer and his camera. lols
him stepping on glass! lols omgs.
eating fire.
xuanyu and minshun tying him up.
ahha so after that didnt join the rest to go vivo, cos super tired alr. so went home to sleep. ahhas, then was asked out for dinner at night. at new york new york! the pizza tasted awesome (when its hot). ahhas
their baked rice. nice!
hahas and even had desserts. waa sinful yo!
after that 3 of us went to watch Step Up 3. ahhas i know super lag. but no choice. wanted to catch donnie yen show, but was fully booked. so just make do with Step Up 3. ahahs but honestly, its pretty ok. dance moves were great. but, some how it didnt give me a vibe to want to learn dance. yeah. but a pretty decent showw (:

Friday - 240910
Work @ Capella Singapore

OMGS ITS A freaking 6 stars hotel. awesome to the max. can u believe that i can even enter that place. omgs.

basically its with regards to F1. yeah.as they know investors are coming down to Sg to watch F1 race, Standard Chatered has taken this opp to 'attack' them and ask them to invest in their company. yeah basically along this line.

and my job scope is to guide them to their meeting room and stuff.

so sihui and myself reached there at 6.30 am. imagine at what time i've to wake up. faints.
but its absolutely awesome. the place lighting and everything, totally FANTASTIC.

the concierge there are also super super friendly. really high class service and attitude. totally <3>

so far, this is the best service and attitude from a concierge i've ever experienced.

yeah and the villa we were in. omgs! one night stay is more than a thousand!!! my jaws just dropped when i heard that. but srsly, the villa is so awesome. theres the helper in every villa. he'll always be there to serve you. if u need anything, just tell him, and he'll get it for u. the service is super prompt and awesome. the kitchen also super ups. and the view is fantastic. just a look out at the balcony, u can see siloso beach already. OMGS!

and this is our lunch. just to take note, we're just a 'worker' and not some investor. yet, they serve such food. faints. its too ups until we dont know how to appreciate. hais wasted..
this is some raw fish as appetizer.
main course. lamb chop. ): i dont like the taste of it so didnt eat it either. ahahs. such ups food yet i didnt eat. faints.
dessert! lols. this is the only thing i ate. super awesome. taste fantastic yo. lols. yeah . sihui and i only at dessert cos lamb and raw fish werent right for us. haha. instead our colleague ate our shares. lols
haha but dont worry! at the villa, theres always snacks. lols. so we had this! lols. bagel cheese sandwichh! AWESOME!!
and lobster dumplings. waa! best. taste exactly like har kau. ahahhas . though we didnt eat the appetizer and lamb chop, ahhas at least we spammed this lobster dumpling. aweseommeee!! (:

the rose is sooo beautiful (: both of us were appreciating the flowers on the table when we had the free time. ahha
thanks standard chatered and my special friend who gave us this opportunity. thks! (: its definitely splendid. one and only chance of being in a six star hotel with excellent service, excellent concierge attitude, excellent place thats freaking ex. omgs. cost from 1000- 12000 dollars for one night in a villa! FAINTS.
ahha and most of our time, our transportation from the villa to the lobby is by the club car. ahhash super awesome. like sitting on roller coaster. ahhas

yays! (: end of work! <3>THURSDAY - 230910

Arts festival rehearsal. woots. Charles Stitch wong. one of the singapore idol finalist. his beatboxing is totally awesome yooooo!!! omgs. u must really hear how he did it. (: his voice is also woots! great rendition of bad romance. cool yo! Charles ftw!
string ensemble is great too! (: guys who play violin is (:
haha so after one whole day of rehearsal and lecture. time for tues esprimere lesson. ahaas had some random group performance. aahs they're just super funny!best song choice. lols
panel of judges

ahha so had the winner team and stuff. too lazy to elaborate alr. ahhas

Wednesday - 220910

roving for art festival. practically went to every storey and every table to publicise. ahha
and omgs!! decided to try it out. super interesting. anw its with regards to wellness week. hahas about smoking/non-smoking.
omgs. are u ready to see the outcome. pls dont laugh k. ahahs
and check it out. ok look uber scary and cuis. lols. and somehow being a smoker looks better than non-smoker. ahhas

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